Cool Ties for our Troops
Dear Bud:

Just to let you know that we received a letter today from our son in Iraq. He expressed his delight in the results of the Cool Ties you and your company fashioned for him. He was in the process of passing them out to his soldiers.
(It was also close enough to be part of his birthday celebration, although rather than a night on the town with friends it was a night out on patrol in Humvees punctuated by so-called "celebratory fire" by Iraqis, fortunately none of which was directed toward the passing US soldiers.)

Again, Bud, many thanks for your extra effort in this!

With best regards, Embassador
John Bennet

From An Airman in Iraq:
Subject: RE: Thanks a million!

Just yesterday I received the cool ties! Of course they show up on the hottest day up here yet. It was 105 degrees and a sand storm is in town for 3-4 days. It was like blowing heat from an oven. Perfect timing as we are expecting the temps to continue to climb. The ties will be perfect. You and your volunteers are very special people. All of us here are truly grateful for you dedicated service to our great nation. Thanks again and again. I expect to be here until July possibly August along with 19 other Airman. Most of our guys have returned home but we are the stay behind crew for stabilization and quick response. We have been very well taken care of by great Americans back home. Projects such as the Ships project, schools, churches, families and friends. We love you all and thanks for the continuing support.

Airman, John Boyert

TR 12
TR 11
TR 10
TR 14
TR 16
The above selections are the standard and approved prints worn by the Army, Navy and the Marines. Uniforms and paterns worn may depend on area of deployment.

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