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We pride ourselves in the quality of our product, from the types of fabric we use, our manufacturing techniques and our packaging. Our main focus is corporate sales and wholesale distribution to vendors for resale. Our clients include NBC, CBS, The BLM, UPS, ZIPPO, HERTZ along with many others. We offer special pricing for the military style Cool Ties for our troops.
If you've never tried a "COOL TIE"TM
ou're in for a Treat!
A Cool Tie is a revolutionary cool wear accessory containing scientifically designed crystals that work effectively to cool the body when you work or play in the heat.
To charge your Cool Tie simply soak the dry Cool Tie in clean water for 30 to 40 minutes and it's ready for the day. Each polymer crystal installed in the tie will absorb 200 times it weight in water charging the tie Cool Tie. The fabric dries to the touch but stays cool and keeps on cooling by the process of evaporation, and it's reusable day after hot day. Only short soakings are necessary to recharge your Cool Tie after the initial soaking. When not wearing your Cool Tie just store it in the refrigerator or hang it over a towel bar and the crystals will dry to their natural state, waiting to be used again and again.

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