Material Safety Data Sheet For Super Absorbent Polymers used in the product "CooL Tie"
Specefied as Non-Hazardous in accordance with 29CFR 1910-1200

Identification of the product

1. Composition/Information on Ingredients

Identification of the preparation: polyacrylamide

2. Hazards Identification

The product when wet renders surfaces extremely slippery.
The product swells in water.

3. First Aid Measures

Inhalation: No hazards which require special first aid measures.
Skin contact: No hazards which require special first aid measures.
Eye contact: Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water, also under the eyelids. In case of persistent eye irritation, consult a physician.
Ingestion: The product is not considered toxic based on studies on laboratory animals.

4. Accidental Release Measures

Personal precautions: No special precautions required.
Environmental precautions: Do not contaminate water used with the product.
Methods for cleaning up: Clean up by scoop or vacuum. Keep in suitable and closed containers. After cleaning, flush away traces with water.

5. Handling and Storage

Skin protection: No special protective clothing required.
Hygiene measures: Wash hands before breaks and at the end of workday. Handle in accordance with good industrial hygiene and safety practice.

6. Physical and Chemical Properties

Form: Granular solid
Color: White
Odor: None
Melting point (ºC): Not applicable
Flash point (ºC): Not applicable
Auto ignition temperature (ºC): Not applicable
Vapor pressure (mm Hg): Not applicable
Water solubility: Insoluble

7. Stability and Reactivity

Stability: Product is stable, No hazardous polymerization will occur.
Conditions to avoid: No special precautions required.
Materials to avoid: The product swells in water.

8. Toxicological Information

Acute toxicity
- Oral: Not toxic: LD50/oral/rat > 5000 mg/kg
- Dermal: Not toxic: LD50/dermal/rabbit > 200mg/kg
- Skin: Not irritating.
- Eyes: Moderate eye irritation due to effects all powders have on conjunctivae.
Sensitization: Not sensitizing.

9. Ecological Information

Exotoxicity: Ecological injures are not know or expected under normal use. Aquatic toxicity is unlikely due to low solubility.
Persistence / degradability: Not readily biodegradable, < 10% after 28 days.

10. Transport Information

Not regulated by DOT

11. Regulatory Information

All components of this product are on the TSCA and DSL inventories
RCRA status: Not a hazardous waste.
Hazardous waste number: Not applicable
Reputable quantity (40 CFR 302): Not applicable
Threshold planning quantity (40 CFR 302):
Not applicable
Health: 1 1
Flammability: 1 1
Reactivity: 0 0



STORAGE AND TRANSPORT: Product is not a transport hazard. Avoid extremes of temperature, wet, damp or humid conditions.

SPILLS AND DISPOSAL: Granules can be swept up and used or disposed of. If material has been wet and a gel has formed it should be contained with sand or earth. Dispose at a landfill site.

FIRE/EXPLOSION HAZARD: Although product is non-flammable as with many organic powders, flammable dust clouds may be formed. Avoid creating dust and keep away from sources of ignition. If involved in a fire use carbon dioxide, dry powder or foam in preference to water spray.

OTHER INFORMATION: Spilled product can be very slippery if it becomes wet.


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